👋, I'm Partha Jyoti Borah

Multidisciplinary Product Manager, crafting impactful digital solutions that resonate with users and drive business growth.

About me

Experienced as a Senior Product Manager with a rich 9-year background, I specialize in crafting digital products that elegantly tackle intricate business challenges. A natural at unraveling problems, I'm driven by a fervor for developing impactful solutions and curating customer experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Product Management

Strategic Roadmapping

User-Centered Product development

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Stakeholder Alignment and Collaboration

Technical Acumen and Domain Expertise

Proficiency in technology and specialized knowledge in a particular field System Design

Fluency in programming languages like SQL, JavaScript, Python, PHP etc

AWS, GCP, and expertise in DevOps practices

Product & UX/UI Design

User journy mapping

Information architecture

Low & High fidelity wireframing

Visual design